Our Team

You're in good hands

DevOwt is a young and constantly evolving company.

We tackle our challenges head on and all with proper Yorkshire grit.

With a strong "leaner is greener" philosophy, we endeavour to keep our teams tight and effective.

But it's not all just about that constant grind! We stand firm with an ethical mindset and believe in being flexible and fair, honest and transparent, inclusive and supportive.

We work as a community and vehemently encourage healthy, active, and balanced working lifestyles.

From designers to developers, architects and testers...
We're always on the lookout for talented new folks to come join our growing team.

We're also a Freelancer Friendly business, so if that works better for you, it will work for us too!

Send your CV, portfolio and deets over to:

[email protected]
or [email protected] if that one's easier for ya!

We're looking for problem solvers and creative thinkers...

 Robots need not apply